Lane Etiquette

Lane Etiquette for Competitive Swimmers

There are specific rules that should be followed when swimming in a competitive club setting.  These rules can be a little different depending upon how many other people are sharing your lane with you.   These simple rules of lane etiquette can make it much easier for everybody to get their sets in and to keep:

Everybody  moving  and safe.

Any time that you are in the pool:

  • Stay in the lane allocated by your coach. Do not move because you feel like it or want to chat to your mates.
  • Only dive if you have been told by your Coach that it is safe to do so.
  • Enter feet first at the shallow end; Never dive in the shallow end unless you possess your Shallow Dive certificate and it is safe to do so.
  • Be aware of others in your lane and in the lane next to you.
  • Stay on one side of the lane in both directions; do not double up and chat to your mate, it is unsafe and you could end up banging into someone and cause yourself injury or injure someone else.
  • Swimming should be undertaken in adjacent lanes in a clockwise / anti-clockwise rotation when circle swimming.
  • Over taking the person in front: Tap the person you are passing’s foot when you catch up to them to warn them that you are there. Pass quickly and carry on swimming. DO NOT STOP
  • Do your turns and underwater work at each end of the pool (practise makes perfect)
  • Do not cling to the lane ropes, especially for a rest in the middle of the pool.
  • When doing 25m sprints DO NOT, swim back up the pool as someone may be diving in to sprint down the pool and this could cause injury to you or them.