Here are the names for the Barnsley minors

at Dearne valley.

This dose NOT mean this is the order they swim in some will swim up.
All these swimmer's will attend no later than 2:30 pm at Dearne Valley swimming pool.

Please make sure you turn up in your FULL KIT 15-20 minutes early.
Hats and tattoos can be purchased from myself on sunday.

I will also need some reserve swimmer's as well.
Chris Allen
Head Coach

Chloe Brammer

Kyle Cooke

Tia Bennett

Kieran Doran

Becky Allen

Winston Fearnley

Courtney Easton

Jade Maye

Thomas Howard

Gabby Wedgwood

Chey Elliott

Amy Jackson

Grace Newsome

Frank Calladine

Eve Jackson

Isabel Cooke

Jack Grimshaw

Luke Howard

Molly Chambers

Alicia Cole

Adam Maye

Bailey Bainbridge

Emily Gilliver

Katie Midlane

Danny Winn

Andy Gould

Dale Hadrick

Chloe Hill

Kane Hall

Frank Calladine

Eve Jackson